Posted on Feb 15, 2021

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Everything About AP Computer Science Exam

Taking AP Computer Science exam is the next level in your computer science coursework and provides students with the exposure to college-level classes. Certainly AP Computer Science can be a great stepping stone towards a degree in computer science or an academic way to explore your interest in technology and coding. So read further as the article unfolds the benefits of taking the AP Computer Science exams. To summarize, it provides a brief overview of the exam and tips for the best way to utilize resources to reap the most benefits.

About AP Computer Science Courses

Undoubtedly, Computer science powers the technology, productivity, and innovation. In short, it drives the world—it boosts engineering, music, app development, 3-D animation, robotics, medicine, visual design, political analysis and many more. In fact, AP Computer Science open doors for students across the globe to comprehend how computing and technology drive the world around them. Therefore studying computer science will help students learn and grow by applying ideas to create solutions.

To understand, there are two AP Exams students can take in Computer Science – first, the AP Computer Science exam A (APCSA), and second, the AP Computer Science Principles exam (APCSP). The AP Computer Science A exam is based on the programming language Java. On the other hand, the AP Computer Science Principles exam is not language-specific.
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